In the Shadow of the Necropolis




Seventeen-year-old Eleuia Kantun is familiar with living in the shadows of authority—first as the daughter of the king, now as sister of the new king. When a mystical darkness rises from the Necropolis dedicated to the gods of death and covers the land, it brings with it a madness which cannot be predicted. No one knows who it will seize next. When her brother, Teya, exposes his madness during a speech, the royal council fears he has lost his grip on reality and sentences him to death.

But Eleuia soon discovers that her uncle—a member of the council—and the high priestess of the Necropolis have a darker agenda than only her brother’s death. They want to wipe her entire House from the face of the earth. While the council continues to build their plot, Eleuia agrees to become queen, and pretends to go along with their plans to execute Teya while she searches for a way to cure him and restore him to the throne. As she fights off hallucinations and tries to keep her knowledge of the plot secret from the council, Eleuia must find a way to save her brother and her country, before the madness claims her too.




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