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Seventeen-year-old Petra wants vengeance. And not just for that other assassin-in-training  leaving her with a few bruises last week. It’s been a deep-seated need in her bones ever since her mother was brutally murdered and the Clan of a Thousand Faces took her in ten years ago. Although she excels among the assassins, it’s an ache in her gut that never heals. When the assassin camp is attacked by deadly warriors bearing the same insignia as her mother’s killers, Petra seizes the opportunity to uncover the truth of her mother’s death.

But Petra’s training never prepared her for her first mission. She discovers she has the ability to “read” living souls. She sees the composition of souls like colored threads in her mind, and can sift through them to feel their emotions, find old memories—even feel their physical pain. Petra doesn’t know if this new ability will help her or kill her, but she doesn’t care. With Xavier, another assassin willing to bend the rules, Petra travels to the city where her mother was murdered and struggles to uncover just who the killers are, and what they want with her now.

In the bowels of the city, Petra learns the terrible truth: the leader who orchestrated her mother’s murder is a powerful psychic. And worse yet: he plans to use her soul reading talent to track down all others with abilities and destroy them.

SOULREADER is an 83,000 word YA Fantasy.




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